Everyone Can Do It. Few Create It.

The first breath of inspiration drawn from our plot of an experiential paradise infuses the very spirit of our building — traditions are embraced, cultures absorbed, stunning moments folded into every encounter.

Take in the serenity of the enchanting Pearl of The Orient as we prepare you for your private and exquisite event. Located within the core zone of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site, Loft 29 is located along Church Street, or Lebuh Gereja, one of the streets situated within the Commercial District of 19th century George Town and is one of the early streets to be laid in the town, and has appeared in the Popham Map of 1798.

Encompassing the vibrant culture of the island, raw natural beauty of each wall and excellent service experiences you’re about to have celebrates all that is inherent to your event. Here the curious can choose to actively engage or just solemnly absorb all the venue has to offer as you embark on your own personal journey of discovery, networking and success.


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